Brazilian Aviculture Union estimates second semester of firm prices for chicken

Chicken prices on the domestic market should continue stable on the second semester of the year according to Brazilian’s Aviculture Union (Ubabef) president Franciso Turra. According to him, despite the cooling on the soybean value, there is an increase on demand of protein supply for the end of the year.
-We have an adjustable offer, due to retreat on production between the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. And, with the usual increase of supply for the second semester, we realize prices have sustained for meats sold on the whole market.
Regarding corn prices, Turra belives that government support is fundamental to regulate stocks and supply regions that rely on the consumption.
The currency revenue from Brazilian chicken meat exportation, summed USS 4,093 billions on the first semester, a high of 7,2% compared with the same period from last year. In volume, reduction occurred from 4,9% to 1,890 millions of tons.
The average price for the period is USS2.166 a ton, growth of 12,7%.
-This result was expected, due to high stocks and a few markets economic crisis.
The executive reiterated the projection of growth of up to 2% of revenue and exported volume of chicken meat. For the beginning of this year, the projection was an expansion of 3%.
The first loading bills to Mexico, expected until the end of the second semester, are going to help the increase of external sales. Expectation is that the Mexican market represents an exportation of USS 300 milion/annual only on chicken meat sales, judging it by average on prices of item sold as a whole and in cuts.
Parana follows the leadership amongst the top states in the country exporting chicken meat. Between January and June external sales on Parana increased 3,64% on the first 6 months of 2012, growing from USS 1,040 billion to USS 1, 078 billion.
The volume, nevertheless, presented a drop of 8,18%, withdrawing from 585.067 tons to 537.190 tons on the same basis of comparison. Numbers come from the Poultry Industrial Syndicate of Parana State (Sindiavipar).
According to data from Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef), Parana represents 28,3% of the total volume exported from Brazil on the first 6 months of the year. Next was Santa Catarina (24%, income of USS 10,97 billion and volume of 454.554 tons); Rio Grande do Sul (18,7%, USS 746, 530 million and 352.613 tons); Mato Grosso (5,9%, USS 245, 916 million e 112.379 tons) and Sao Paulo (5,9%, USS 213,772 million e 112.238 tons).
Currency revenue from exportation of Brazilian chicken totalized USS 4,093 billions on the first semester, a growth of 7,2% compared with the same period last year. In volume, there is a reduction of 4,9%, to 1,890 millions of tons. The average price remains USS 2.166 a ton, a gain of 12,7%.
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